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Brightening effect
Enjoy an amazing journey of whitening teeth

This activated carbon powder promotes whitening effect

Teeth whitening

It can be simple

Whiten and brighten teeth in just 20 minutes

Need a moving smile on an important day?

You no longer need to take time to go to the dentist's office for teeth whitening treatment

Shop the Blu-ray package

Shape a bright smile
Just stay at home for 20 minutes

Our teeth whitening kit uses hypoallergenic formula
Can make your teeth brighter and whiter without sensitivity。

  • What you care about

    Stubborn tooth stains make smiles pale

  • Our recipe

    Blue light redox removes deep tooth pigment素

  • Bright effect

    Painless and non-irritating for 20 minutes激

Recommended by the dentist
6% Hydrogen Peroxide

With blue light with a wavelength of 480~520 nanometers, the teeth whitening effect can be achieved in 20 minutes.

  • Special braces

    Make the whitening liquid more adherent, pass the European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), no harmful substances restricted by the European Union

  • Strong blue light

    Professional blue light accelerates the whitening process of the original whitening solution, and has passed the EU's electromagnetic compatibility test

  • free shipping

    In addition to free SF Express, we promise that you can start your smile renovation project within 4 days

  • Made in America Whitening Liquid

    We use DrFresh, the largest oral product in the United States The whitening pen manufactured is approved by the FDA and the US Food and Drug Administration

We have been recommended by many
Hong Kong celebrities and KOLs

More than 10,000 users have enjoyed the effect of whitening teeth, and you are immediately one of them

Smile can infect people around me. Thank you Easywhite for making my teeth whiter and smiling more confidently. After the trial, I feel it is worth recommending. Teeth whitening is simple! Friends in Hong Kong can package the freight!

Bella Lam Lin Yingtong
Hong Kong singer

Easywhite tooth whitening home blu-ray machine is used daily with the whitening liquid pen, and it takes only 20 minutes to achieve the whitening effect. Moreover, the whitening liquid is produced in the United States with high-quality standards, which is absolutely safe and reliable! At home, you can enjoy low-allergenic and safe professional whitening teeth care anytime, anywhere, and experience it for yourself!

Alycia Chan
Hong Kong artists

Whitening teeth can be simple! You can use Easywhite to whiten your teeth at home in just 20 minutes. You can use the time to whiten your teeth while putting on make-up. It only takes 20 minutes to complete the process. You can whiten your teeth immediately after use! You can grin to your heart's content anytime in the future!

Sadelle Yeung
Well-known model in Hong Kong
As long as you use Easywhite's blue light whitening effect once, you will not forget its powerful effect. If you use it once, you will see the teeth whitening immediately, and the process only takes 20 minutes, which is very convenient. You can comfortably whiten it in the future. teeth.
Juliette Louie
Miss Hong Kong Champion
If you see yellow teeth while laughing, handsome guys may not be interested anymore! It's very simple now, as long as 20 minutes use blue light whitening, you can complete the whitening instantly, which is definitely a dental emergency solution! Now Malaysian friends can place orders directly on FB/website, which is very convenient!
Han Xiiaoaii
Malaysian Chinese YouTuber
You can smile beautifully whenever you want? Want to whiten your teeth without going to the street? Easywhite's blue light whitening kit is really super convenient, you can enjoy whitening teeth anytime, anywhere. There have been a lot of celebrities in Hong Kong who have tried and tested them, and they are now available on Shoppee, Taiwan. Please buy and buy as soon as possible!
Well-known YouTuber in Taiwan

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common problem

How many times can a whitening pen be used?

A whitening pen can generally be used 8 to 10 times.

Does it need to be used every day?

At the beginning of the treatment, it is recommended to use it continuously for 7 days, and then it is also recommended to use it every day; or once the target effect has been achieved, use it once a week.

Does it take effect immediately?

It depends on the tooth quality of each person. Generally, you can see the obvious whitening effect after one week of continuous use according to the instructions, and you can complete your smile improvement project in two weeks.

How long can the whitening effect last?

The effect can be maintained for more than 12 months. Of course, the length of the effect will be affected by your habits of smoking, drinking coffee, strong tea, aerobic drinks, red wine, and eating foods with heavy pigments. If you have the above habit, it is recommended to use it regularly to maintain the whitening effect.

Do I need to brush my teeth before and after use? How long do you use each time?

You need to brush your teeth before and after use. After use, you can directly use the toothbrush to brush the surface of the teeth. Each use is about 20 minutes, not more than 30 minutes.

How much whitening liquid do I use each time?

It is recommended to twist the whitening pen to apply at least two teeth at a time, and the whitening liquid can cover the surface of the teeth.

What should I pay attention to when using whitening pen?

Don't twist it vigorously, otherwise too much whitening fluid will flow out. Don't be anxious the first time you use it, because the brush will take time to absorb the whitening solution. After use, please wipe off the pen with a clean paper towel.

When is it recommended to use?

There are no special rules. It is recommended to use it 1 hour before going to bed to rest your teeth after use; or use it every day before going out.

How long can I drink coffee or milk tea after use?

It is recommended not to eat or drink for 1 hour after use, and not to drink coffee, milk tea, chocolate, Chinese medicine, Chinese strong tea, cola and other heavy-pigmented beverages within 4 hours

What are the main ingredients of tooth whitening pen?

Our whitening pen is provided by Dr. Fresh, one of the largest oral product suppliers in the United States, and is made in the United States. The ingredients include Purified Water, SDA 38B, Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone, Polyethylene Glycol, Hydrogen Peroxide (6%)

What is Hydrogen Peroxide and is it safe?

Hydrogen Peroxide can play a redox effect and remove the deep pigment of the teeth. The higher the concentration, the stronger the stimulation. Peroxide is also an ingredient often used by dentists for whitening teeth. The use of Hydrogen Peroxide for teeth whitening has a long history, and many tests have proven its safety.

Products in the market advertise high concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide, what is your concentration?

The HP concentration of Easywhite Whitening Pen is 6%. Many dentists use high-concentration Hydrogen Peroxide, they have safe equipment and professional knowledge to protect your safety. According to the recommendations of dentists, the PH concentration of household teeth whitening products should not be too high (8% or above). Improper use can easily cause sensitive gums, gums and even lip sputum.

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