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Brightening effect
Enjoy an amazing journey of whitening teeth

This activated carbon powder promotes whitening effect

Kit & Carbon Powder Set

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Include 1 whitening kit & 1 box carbon powder

The best choice for home teeth whitening, it will instantly whiten and brighten your teeth within 20 minutes. American-made whitening liquid formula, combined with blue light, makes the whitening effect faster and more significant than you expect.

  • No pain, no sensitivity
  • It only takes 20 minutes to see the effect
  • Improve teeth whitening by up to 4 degrees within a week

Whitening activated carbon toothpaste,Special purchase price(Only the Blu-ray package has been purchased)

$88/2 sticksImmediately Plus purchase

$60/1 branchAdd on now

Our whitening pens are made in the United States and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Ingredients: Purified water, SDA 38B, Polyvinyl pyrrolidone, Polyethylene glycol, 6% Hydrogen peroxide. 

Using 480 nanometer wavelength blue light to effectively and safely promote the whitening effect of Hydrogen Peroxide, it can achieve teeth whitening and brightening effect in 20 minutes.

1 套 x 熱塑形牙托 (上牙及下牙)
2 x 即時美白凝膠筆 (Made in USA)
1 x 強效牙齒美白LED藍光燈
1 x 使用說明書和牙齒牙齒亮白度參考色紙
1 x 美國製活性碳粉

  • What you care about

    Yellowing and blackening of teeth is easy to be overlooked. Smoking and regular consumption of foods that make teeth yellow, such as coffee and tea, will cause pigments to continue to precipitate, causing teeth to turn yellow and black, and make the smile pale.
  • Safe whitening

    Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) is a traditional tooth whitening ingredient widely used by dentists. Easywhite's formula uses 6% HP, which has been internationally recognized as the most suitable ratio for household teeth whitening, so that the whitening process will not be sensitive.
  • Effective maintenance

    The convenient and easy-to-use design will not make you feel troublesome and cool down your determination to maintain a bright smile. You only need to use it once regularly to easily maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

Safe and effective formula

The whitening formula we use has been scientifically proven to make teeth whiter and brighter.

Hong Kong celebrity KOL recommendation

More than 10,000 users have enjoyed the effect of whitening teeth, and you are immediately one of them
I have done teeth whitening before, but I found that I still need to keep my teeth white, so I chose Easywhite, which can make you smile confidently at home! If I don’t like to show my teeth, I can smile at ease.
Stitch Yu
Miss International Chinese Champion
Women don’t just need skin care. Dental care is equally important. With the brightest teeth, you can smile every day. I highly recommend Easywhite blue light whitening teeth care. It only takes 20 minutes to complete the process, and the teeth can be whitened.
Xenia Chong Zhuang Yuncheng
Well-known model in Hong Kong
Blue light whitening can quickly remove the deep layer of pigment that has been deposited on the surface of the teeth for many years, allowing the teeth to return to the whiteness before they were stained. Taking advantage of the time I stay at home, I will recommend the Easywhite Blu-ray Teeth Whitening Kit. You can whiten your teeth easily at home, and you can smile to your heart's content anytime in the future.
Audrey MeiYan
Well-known news anchor

Enjoy 3 benefits

  • Made in USA

    Whitening gels is made under FDA Regulation

  • EU CE EMC Tested

    Blue light Accelerator is approved by EU

  • No Harm

    Tooth tray is made under EUs RoHS⁠

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