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Brightening effect
Enjoy an amazing journey of whitening teeth

This activated carbon powder promotes whitening effect

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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Brand new high-performance sonic electric toothbrush, the god assistant for teeth whitening

Perfectly cleans the tartar on the teeth of the mouth, making it more effective when using Easywhite Blu-ray products.

ToothScaly (that is, dental feces) accumulates all the time, and tea stains and coffee stains will accumulate on the tartar, which will affect the surface of the teeth.

Easywhite ultrasonic toothbrush

- Special-grade brush head made by American DuPont™️ is soft and durable.
- It removes 21% more dental plaque than a manual toothbrush.
- Vibration frequency is as high as 42,000 times per minute.
- Whole body High-spec IPX6 waterproof, body washable
- Five customized modes to enjoy free switching
- Each charge can provide 4 weeks of power consumption

DuPont™️Soft brush head: Easywhite Sonic Electric Toothbrush uses special-grade brush head made by DuPont™️ from the United States, which is soft and durable, equipped with suitable fast sonic vibration technology, which can be superb Improves tooth cleaning power while caring for gums, making the oral cavity more healthy.

Vibration frequency: The vibration frequency of the sonic electric toothbrush is as high as 42,000 times per minute, which is 5 to 10 times faster than ordinary electric toothbrushes. It can deeply clean the interdental and awkward positions and provide more Great clean power, effectively clean hidden positions.

How it Works
Just put the brush head on the teeth, move it forward, let the toothbrush clean the teeth, and remove the dental plaque and tartar with efficient vibration, for you Brings a refreshing feeling. Pressing the same button repeatedly can switch between 5 modes at will, helping you to remove stains and help you regain a bright white smile.

DuPont™️ special grade brush head

Just put the brush head on the teeth, move it forward, let the toothbrush clean the teeth, remove the dental plaque and tartar with efficient vibration, bring you a fresh feeling, press the same button repeatedly to switch between 5 modes Switch at will to help you remove tooth stains and help you regain a bright white smile.

2 x DuPont™️ special grade brush head

1 x IPX6 waterproof sonic electric instrument
1 x toothbrush holder
1 x charging cable

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  • 安全變白

    Hydrogen Peroxide (HP)是廣泛被牙醫採用的傳統牙齒美白成分。Easywhite的配方中採用6% HP ,已被國際認可為家用牙齒美白最適合比例,令美白過程不會敏感。
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Safe and effective formula

The whitening formula we use has been scientifically proven to make teeth whiter and brighter.

Hong Kong celebrity KOL recommendation

More than 10,000 users have enjoyed the effect of whitening teeth, and you are immediately one of them
I have done teeth whitening before, but I found that I still need to keep my teeth white, so I chose Easywhite, which can make you smile confidently at home! If I don’t like to show my teeth, I can smile at ease.
Stitch Yu
Miss International Chinese Champion
Women don’t just need skin care. Dental care is equally important. With the brightest teeth, you can smile every day. I highly recommend Easywhite blue light whitening teeth care. It only takes 20 minutes to complete the process, and the teeth can be whitened.
Xenia Chong Zhuang Yuncheng
Well-known model in Hong Kong
Blue light whitening can quickly remove the deep layer of pigment that has been deposited on the surface of the teeth for many years, allowing the teeth to return to the whiteness before they were stained. Taking advantage of the time I stay at home, I will recommend the Easywhite Blu-ray Teeth Whitening Kit. You can whiten your teeth easily at home, and you can smile to your heart's content anytime in the future.
Audrey MeiYan
Well-known news anchor

Three major benefits

  • made in America

    Whitening gel is produced in accordance with FDA regulations

  • EU CEEMC test

    The blue cold light lamp has passed the EU standard production

  • Harmless

    Tooth trays are produced through EU RoHS standards

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