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Brightening effect
Enjoy an amazing journey of whitening teeth

This activated carbon powder promotes whitening effect

User effect


The global best-selling professional blue tooth whitening products, the whitening principle comes from the United States. Easywhite has now come to Hong Kong and has quickly received support from "stars, singers, artists, anchors, local and overseas models, Bloggers, online celebrities, etc...".

Easywhite's new home blue tooth whitening principle

Easywhite helps you to dilute the accumulated pigments or stains in the #enamel or #ivory of your teeth, and can be tailored with #热塑形牙托及冷光# blue light to promote the effect of whitening liquid And effect. The blue light uses blue light with a wavelength between 480 ~ 520 nanometers to isolate all harmful ultraviolet or infrared rays and irradiate the teeth coated with whitening liquid. After the whitening liquid is irradiated, it will promote the reduction of oxidation and quickly deposit on the surface of the teeth for many years. The deep layer of pigment is removed, allowing the teeth to return to the whiteness before they were stained.

1. American-made whitening liquid, enjoy a hypoallergenic, high-safety home experience
2. 20-minute quick-acting teeth whitening
3. 1 Increase teeth whiteness up to 4 degrees in a week

*The effect varies depending on individual circumstances

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