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[One article to see the effect of fluoride toothpaste vs fluoride-free toothpaste on pregnant women]

There are many different opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of fluoride-containing toothpaste and fluoride-free toothpaste, and women should be careful about eating and using items during pregnancy, for fear of affecting the growth of the fetus, whether fluoride-free toothpaste is more suitable for pregnant women and the following is a simple article Explain what fluoride is and how the two toothpastes affect pregnant women:麼影響:

  • What is fluoride?
  • What is fluoride toothpaste?
  • What is fluoride-free toothpaste?
  • What effect does fluoride have on pregnant women

1. What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral. Fluoride has been proven to be effective in preventing tooth decay more than 100 years ago. Fluoride has been added to Hong Kong's drinking water in 1961. Since then, the tooth decay rate of Hong Kong residents has greatly reduced the fluoride content in Hong Kong tap water. It is 0.5ppm 0.5 parts per million. As long as we drink boiled water, fluoride can be absorbed from it to achieve the effect of preventing tooth decay. Foods such as tea and some seafood contain fluoride.和一些海產食物等都含有氟化物。

However, if you consume too much fluoride, you have the opportunity to affect your body, including dental fluorosis, fluorosis, and even serious bone problems.骨骼問題。

2. What is fluoride toothpaste?

In addition to the intake of fluoride from drinking water and food, most common oral care products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, etc. are added with fluoride. The World Health Organization has always recommended the use of fluoride toothpaste to prevent dental caries. According to research, fluoride is used every day. Toothpaste brushing can reduce the rate of tooth decay by 20 or more. It is proved that fluoride toothpaste has a significant effect on preventing tooth decay預防蛀牙有顯著功效。

Among the toothpastes available on the market, fluoride-containing toothpaste is the most common, including anti-allergic toothpaste, anti-tartar toothpaste, anti-plaque toothpaste, and whitening toothpaste, but the fluoride content is different. It is recommended that you read the toothpaste composition ratio carefully before buying比例再做購買。

3. What is fluoride-free toothpaste?

Another option on the market is fluoride-free toothpaste. As the name suggests, users of fluoride-free toothpaste can avoid various problems caused by accidental ingestion of fluoride. Generally, it is recommended that the following people use fluoride-free toothpaste and children under 3 years of age may not be able to brush their teeth. Swallow toothpaste voluntarily. Those who are more sensitive to fluoride can reduce acne and acne problems on the chin after using fluoride toothpaste. Pregnant women should avoid absorbing high concentrations of fluoride and reduce the possible impact on the fetus.,減低對胎兒可能的影響。

4. What are the effects of fluoride on pregnant women

During pregnancy, morning sickness occurs due to changes in hormonal secretion, acid reflux, gums become red and swollen and easy to bleed, and gingivitis during pregnancy, plus the taste of sweet and sour things will increase the chance of tooth decay. It is recommended that pregnant women use fluoride-free before getting up and going to bed Toothpaste brushing your teeth and flossing to completely remove the dental plaque can prevent gingivitis during pregnancy and promote natural healing of mild gum inflammation可促進輕微的牙齦發炎自然痊癒。

Natural Dentist activated carbon fluoride-free whitening toothpaste

EasyWhite's latest product, Natural Dentist activated carbon, fluoride-free whitening toothpaste passed the American Dental Association RDA test. It does not contain fluoride. It does not contain harmful additives. SLS and other harmful chemical ingredients are highly safe. Suitable for pregnant women. It can improve gingivitis and cavities during pregnancy. Problem and odorless can relieve the discomfort of pregnant women when brushing their teeth and reduce morning sickness刷牙時的不適及減輕孕吐。

The active toner contained in it can be antibacterial for 12 hours and reduce the bacteria that accumulate in the oral cavity by up to 90. It is effective in removing breath. The strong adsorption capacity of active toner can effectively whiten teeth and whiten teeth problems such as smoke stains, tea stains and coffee stains. All edible infants, pregnant women can use it with peace of mind, no longer afraid of swallowing toothpaste while brushing their teeth時因吞嚥牙膏而影響健康!