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Extra Whitening Effect
Enjoy an astonishing teeth whitening journey

This activated carbon powder facilitate whitening effect

The Science

Breaking down our formula

Our goal is to create the most effective whitening formula without ever sacrificing your oral health.

Our new formula combines 3 key ingredients to whiten and strengthen your teeth, with no sensitivity or lasting damage.

3 Active Ingredients, 1 Formulation

We’ve combined the effects of Potassium Nitrate, PAP, and Hydroxyapatite to whiten and brighten teeth, strengthen your enamel, and protect against sensitivity.

Potassium Nitrate

For sensitivity prevention


For safer whitening


For stronger teeth

The risks of traditional
whitening methods

Sensitivity is a condition where tooth nerves are more susceptible to stimuli such as heat and cold. This is commonly caused by the dentin being exposed due to the loss of protective layers.

Demineralisation is the loss of essential minerals from the tooth structure. This process can occur to the layers of enamel and dentin.

Internal damage is related to cell damage to the tooth pulp, and the loss of important components from the tooths inner structure.6 Long-term effects can be severe and result in lasting damage.

Tissue damage is an injury caused by direct contact between harsh chemicals and the soft tissue within your mouth. This result is commonly referred to as a'chemical burn'.

What makes our formula safe?

Teeth whitening involves a process known as oxidation.  This process occurs when a whitening agent comes into contact with the stains in your teeth. PAP and Peroxides both use oxidation to whiten, however, this process occurs in two very different ways.

During the process of oxidation, Hydrogen Peroxide releases molecules known as free radicals which come into contact with the enamel, during which a reaction occurs causing important minerals to be dissolved and washed away by saliva.3 When PAP causes oxidation, these same harmful radicals are not released. This means the enamel is left unaffected and can continue to protect the tooth from any external factors. We have also included Hydroxyapatite to replace any previously lost minerals from the tooth surface, improving the strength of the enamel.

After damaging the tooth surface, the free radicals that Hydrogen Peroxide release are capable of making their way into the tooths internal structure where the dentin is located.6 When this happens, not only are important minerals lost, but the radicals also damage organic components such as collagen.7 As PAP exclusively oxidises stains without damaging the tooth, our formula is able to avoid any negative side effects. We have also included Hydroxyapatite and Potassium Nitrate to replace any previously lost minerals and protect the nerve from external stimuli

When the protective layers of enamel and dentin deteriorate from the use of peroxides, the nerve endings and tooth pulp are far more susceptible to damage. Some Peroxide formulas are capable of causing damage known as intensive oxidative stress, where irreversible cell tissue death pulp necrosis occurs .s.11 With PAP not causing adverse effects to the pulp tissue or furthering the loss of minerals, the internal tooth structure is left unharmed during the whitening process. In addition to not damaging the internal structure, our formula also contains hydroxyapatite which repairs damaged enamel and limits the exposure to any harmful external factors.

Traditional Whitening
Easywhite PAP Formula

With over 46,000 employees in 1,000 locations worldwide, Intertek is one of the largest Total Quality Assurance providers in the world. For more than 130 years, industries have relied on Intertek to test and validate their products before hitting the market. They deliver a variety of  ;in vitro methodologies for product evaluation, including enamel remineralization, stain prevention / removal, and teeth whitening. In order to provide the highest quality products to our community, easywhite  has partnered with Intertek to conduct trials on our latest whitening and oral care formulas.

We also invested in a dentist-led clinical trial to examine the impact and effects of our formula.

    After six days my teeth feel cleaner, and they’re looking a lot more whiter! The ingredients are good, the price of refills is reasonable, and the results are amazing. I can’t recommend Easywhite enough.

    -Martin Q

    I’ve always loved smiling in my photos but my teeth started getting yellow over time, and just not as white as I would like. When I started using the Teeth Whitening Kit I fell in love-after the second application I was already starting to see results!

    -Kya R